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2.2 Drip-Drop

With sounds resembling ‘squish’ and ‘squash’ Daniel moved through the door, leaving behind a trail of water. The slight breeze was chilling him to the bone, and he could hardly wait to have a nice and comfortable big towel around him. Stupid water. Stupid trap. Why did she even have this whole elaborate thing underneath…
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September 11, 2020 0

2.1 Wiped-Out

“Diiiiiiing Dooooooooong” Daniel stared up at the door. Perhaps Michelle wasn’t at home. Daniel pressed the bell for a third time, hoping that perhaps he was merely being unnoticed due to a videog ame or movie that was played. Daniel placed his hand against the door in disappointment, doubting if he should try and call…
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July 23, 2020 0

2.0 Your Security, My Amusement

A small hooded figure stood in front of a massive, silver-coloured round safe. Her dark blue ninja outfit obscured most of her features, but it could not hide the curly blonde locks popping out from underneath her hood. A happy smile was on her face as she observed the massive safe in front of her.…
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May 22, 2020 0

1.5 Free the Panda!

One screen is not nearly enough. Two screens are better, but to be honest, it is still very disappointing. The perfect number of screens is seven. Two on top of each other on the left side, two on top of each other on the right side, a big one in the centre, with two smaller…
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May 21, 2020 0

1.4 Bombs Away~

Initially, the Discord chat had been meant for quite a different type of discussion, mainly how they could all three continue towards their shared goal without bothering each other. Though there were many in the race for world domination, there was absolutely no reason to fight each other in such early phases of their plans.…
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May 20, 2020 0

1.3 Pandamonium

Newsflash: Man arrested for refusing to leave Panda habitat in local zoo. According to locals, a man dressed as a panda was taken away by the police after repeatedly ignoring the warnings of the zoo staff. The man refused to leave the panda enclosure, as he pretended to be one of the pandas. Though the…
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May 19, 2020 0

1.2 A Drone for your Clone?

“He he he…” snickered a crazy scientist haired individual, with her evolved Vive VR headset positioned securely on her head. The logo on the VR set radiated bright neon blue light in her otherwise dark room. Though her casual outfit with a lovely sci-fi fanart t-shirt did not give the impression that she was in…
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May 18, 2020 0

1.1 Meet Daniel, or actually Meet Sander

Meet Daniel. Daniel loves pandas. Just like some people really like high quality stories or art. Now, you may wonder, what the hell was Daniel doing on the North Pole, trying to colour polar bears? How did he get there, and more importantly perhaps, why was he trying to colour polar bears to look like…
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May 17, 2020 0

0. Prelude

“Please, just let me colour you…” Daniel pleaded, putting his most charming smile on his face as his enthusiastic eyes looked up at the big polar bear that stood on his hind-legs in front of him. Daniel stood on his toes, trying to reach the big polar bear with his marker. It was a waterproof…
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May 16, 2020 0

A Beautiful Day?

The rhythmic sound of the moving train drew the woman into a trance, as she stared out of the window, observing the landscape that passed as mere flurries of colour. Still, due to the simplicity of the natural landscape, it was easy to make out what the flurries were. Green grasslands and the blue sky…
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May 15, 2020 0