0. Prelude

0. Prelude

May 16, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

Please, just let me colour you…” Daniel pleaded, putting his most charming smile on his face as his enthusiastic eyes looked up at the big polar bear that stood on his hind-legs in front of him. Daniel stood on his toes, trying to reach the big polar bear with his marker. It was a waterproof marker. Not all types of markers actually worked properly in the cold of the North Pole, and even less worked properly when exposed to the air for a prolonged period while trying to fill in natural fibres such as polar bear fur.

The polar bear was not interested, no matter how happily Daniel swung that black marker. It was not going to happen. That black marker would not touch his fur for a single moment. Oh no.  The polar bear was very keen on keeping his glorious fluffy fur in pristine condition. Quite honestly, it was quite enough work already to get the blood stains from his prey out of it with the ice cold water. No way was he going to allow that marker to soil his beautiful pelt and risk having it be permanent until the hairs would be naturally replaced. The polar bear roared with his deepest and most threatening voice, trying to make himself more impressive as he flashed his big teeth along with it.

However dramatic and intense the scene would be for any outsider, it didn’t work on Daniel. Not in the slightest.

Awwww… You’re almost like the pandas. Like, a cute budget version of the pandas. Just like certain movies, so crappy that they become great again!” Daniel mused. “Coooome onnnnn, you don’t know how great this’ll look on you until it’s on you! At least try it” Daniel continued, still trying to appeal to the polar bear’s sense of logic. The big teeth, its massive threatening posture, the murder mittens and the deep growl didn’t impress Daniel at all.

This all was very unsettling for the polar bear, which was pushing away Daniel’s marker. This human… he was something else. The polar bear began to doubt if he could win this fight. And so the polar bear did what any sensible polar bear would do if someone wanted to colour their fur so they would resemble pandas: the polar bear turned around and dashed away as fast as it could.

“Awwwh… Come onnn… Why do they always keep running?” Daniel sighed deep, as he let his head hang. “…they don’t even let me try…” Daniel mumbled softly as he pouted. What use had it been to go all the way to the North Pole to try and convert polar bears, if they did not want to be converted? …Had this been a wise idea? Daniel had to admit, the idea had seemed like a sound plan when it was first suggested to him.

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