1.1 Meet Daniel, or actually Meet Sander

1.1 Meet Daniel, or actually Meet Sander

May 17, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

Meet Daniel. Daniel loves pandas. Just like some people really like high quality stories or art. Now, you may wonder, what the hell was Daniel doing on the North Pole, trying to colour polar bears? How did he get there, and more importantly perhaps, why was he trying to colour polar bears to look like pandas?

To be honest, we still haven’t figured that part out yet… Just joking. It all started quite a wile a go on a certain kid’s party when Sander came up with an ingenious plan. While he had been running his hand through his marvellous long blond hair, he thought to himself ‘Why should there only be one of me? Why shouldn’t the world be graced with a few hundred of me? World domination would be within my grasp like that. Mhm.. The United Kingdom of Sander…’  Though it had a nice ring to it, Sander decided that the name would need some additional work, for he didn’t want it to share the same fate as the United Kingdom, which quite honestly was not that united.

And so Sander tied up his brilliant, long blonde hair and began to work on his grand project. On many previous occasions, Sander had dabbled in certain experimental ‘arts’, which now helped him quite well in his trials as he began the clone development in his secret, high-technology lab located underneath his pond, connected to his basement by a turning fake wall.

The first few versions of his project were less than successful, quite honestly. One of them looked like a failed gingerbread man, even without hair. All it did, was cry. But as the failed gingerbread man clone looked crumbly and smelled rather delicious, Sander gave it a try. The failed gingerbread man was mediocre in taste, but it had a great satisfying snap to it. In hindsight, it might have been a questionable move to eat a semi-sentient gingerbread version of himself, however if anyone was going to eat any version of him alive, it might as well be himself, the first and only true Sander, right?

The second version seemed very promising, if not for the cat hairs that had accidentally entered the secret mixture. This was somewhat predictable, as Sander’s pet Gibbers liked to be near Sander to observe his every move, keeping his glowing third focused on Sander at any given moment. Gibbers had to make sure that his slave was properly working of course. Though his slave might think that these fellow clones would ‘aid’ him on his journey to world domination, Gibbers knew for a fact that it would mean that there would be more servants available to heed his every wish. This was the only reason he allowed Sander to spend such an enormous amount of time on this experiment, as it would be for the greater good of all. Let’s face it, if it was better for Gibbers, it would be better for everyone else too. No one would like Gibbers to let out his secret Eldritch demon shape.

The cat hair in the mixture caused the nearly perfect clone to turn into a cat-like version of Sander instead. The clone was not suitable for the purposes that Sander had created them for, but it was rather endearing to have a ‘Sander’ cat: a cat, with long flowy blond hair and a collection of smart remarks when petted. Gibbers did not like this fake cat, but he would allow the ‘thing’ to exist just so that Sander would be reminded of his mistakes.

As many stories and sayings would like you to believe, the third time was a charm. Not really though, but we’re skipping out on the summary of all the other failed experiments. In the end, Sander managed to clone himself, which was a process he eagerly repeated in order to perfect it. Even Gibbers couldn’t tell the clones from the first minion, ahem, Sander. There was only one stark difference: the first Sander refused to share his cat shirts with the others. Though the Sanders had some disagreements in the start, they managed to bridge their differences as the idea of world domination appealed to all of them, and as the first Sander had most experience in this world, it seemed only logical that he would be the one in charge.

Gibbers was quite content with the additional Sanders. Now Gibbers didn’t have to go out to get more minions to fit his plan for world domination. This was going purrfectly. For now, Gibbers would let Sander continue his plans, as it was working out perfectly.
While Sander was ingeniously training his minions equals clones to move to the next phase, there were more contenders for world domination…

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