1.2 A Drone for your Clone?

1.2 A Drone for your Clone?

May 18, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

“He he he…” snickered a crazy scientist haired individual, with her evolved Vive VR headset positioned securely on her head. The logo on the VR set radiated bright neon blue light in her otherwise dark room. Though her casual outfit with a lovely sci-fi fanart t-shirt did not give the impression that she was in fact a highly skilled engineer, it made her the prime example of why people should stop judging a book, well, a human, by its cover.
“My VR Simulation is telling me that THIS is the perfect time to strike!” Amber cackled to herself. Though she knew that it was not a good tactic to state her intentions or plans out loud if there were others near, it was still a pleasant habit to do so when no one was near her. Something in talking to oneself was pleasing, as if the plan had been perfected to such a degree that it deserved to be revealed to the world.

In a grandiose movement Amber turned around and spread her arms, as she kept the controllers of her VR headset carefully in place. Of course, the straps were always around her wrists, as she would take no chances with them. As she had turned around, the words ‘Don’t Blink’ were revealed on the back of her shirt.

A big smirk was on her face. This would be grand. After so many calculations, her VR Simulation had finally predicted that today was the perfect day to send her lovelies out into the wild. Finally, her big collection of enhanced drones would see the sunlight. It had been quite a happy hobby of hers to upgrade drones. Normal drones were just too slow, too weak, and not as practical as her upgraded drones. Any proper drone needed a metal plated armour that would protect against high temperatures, the impact of bullets and such. It would need a better manoeuvrability too, as their programs had been upgraded to detect incoming threats and evade them. Of course, what was a good drone without some lasers? Each drone needed them, along with a lovely piercing centre eye just to give off intimidating vibes.

The many cameras throughout Amber’s current location and on her drones allowed her to keep a close eye on how her lovelies moved out of the storage, quickly zooming into the air and taking their positions. Hundreds of them headed on over to ‘some’ space agencies, as Amber had decided that world domination would be easiest acquired by controlling technology… and thus she set out to do exactly that. Or better yet, her drones set out to do so.

With this first great step, Amber assumed that governments worldwide would start to realize how great the threat was they were up against. This would make a good name for her, which she would quickly follow up on. After all, if they were to come face to face with a big threat, or what they assumed to be a big threat, they would either try to use their most advanced technology, or try to shield it. This meant that it would be the easiest way to spot where governments hid their best technology, and what they considered to be their best technologies.

The plan itself had seemed perfect. However, as Amber was watching her plan unfold in real time, she realized that there was just one factor her VR simulation had not considered. People had blamed her drone attacks on aliens, and instantly a ‘secret’ organisation had popped up to fight against it.


In hindsight, it was not so bad that people were blaming aliens on the attack. After all, it meant that they had no clue and in the end, a true mastermind only reveals themselves after their plan has succeeded. This was fine, for the most part.

However, Xenotha… This meant trouble. One of the fellow contesters for world domination was using her own plan against Amber. Amber shook her head. ‘How dare she?‘ Amber had a dissatisfied grimace on her mouth as she quickly composed some memes and send them over to her fellow contester Nathalie. This, along with the fact that Amber had noticed that there was an odd number of Sanders, meant that it was time for a meeting.

The meeting would not be in person, of course. Being, or aiming to be, a world dominating mastermind also meant not blindly stepping into traps and such. Even so, meeting online would also be challenging.
“Steam” argued Amber as the platform for their meeting.
“No, not without RSA or Public Key encryption.” commented Sander stoically.
“How about voice chat via discord?” wondered Nathalie.
Meanwhile, all of this had already taken place via Whatsapp.

After some persuasion from the leader of Xenotha, Nathalie, a Discord voice chat was selected as means of communication for their meeting. Just as they had started the voice chat and were about to start the official talk, an important news message popped up for all of them, making them yell the following in unison:
“Why Daniel, why??”

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