1.3 Pandamonium

1.3 Pandamonium

May 19, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

Newsflash: Man arrested for refusing to leave Panda habitat in local zoo.
According to locals, a man dressed as a panda was taken away by the police after repeatedly ignoring the warnings of the zoo staff. The man refused to leave the panda enclosure, as he pretended to be one of the pandas. Though the man’s panda suit was quite realistic, the ‘panda face’ the man had created on his own face with black and white make-up was far less realistic. The man has been taken into custody as the zoo keepers are researching how the man managed to get into the enclosure of the pandas. Currently the panda habitat is inaccessible for public until further notice.
Zookeeper Ed McMore stated that …
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After the exclamation from the three of them, a familiar sound came through Sander’s microphone, which was the sound of the palm of his hand smacking against his face. This universal sign of disappointment was perfectly suitable for moments like these, when it was tough to find the right words to describe the feeling of the moment. After recovering from the first shock of disappointment, Sander groaned: “I wish I could say I had expected more from him… but it is Daniel…”

With a deep sigh Amber shook her head, causing her curly hair to bounce with the movement. Obviously, Amber was disappointed but she was not surprised. If she had focused on Daniel’s behaviour and put that into her VR Simulation, it would probably have predicted this outcome already.
“When he can have all the VR Panda hugs his heart might desire… why the fuck does he keep sneaking into zoos? And now even into the enclosure itself… Those poor traumatized pandas…”

But Sander and Amber were not the only ones disappointed. Nathalie too, had covered her face with her hands, frustrated about the curveballs her friends were continuously throwing her in her plans for world domination. Why did it seem like any time she had a grand plan, which was coming along splendidly, something had to come up in between?
“He’s really giving us no choice. How can we commence our plans with his constant foolery?” Nathalie asked. The tone of her voice already made it obvious for the other two in the chat that she was frowning and trying to come up with a plan to resolve this situation.

However, Sander didn’t really see a need to solve the situation. After all, Daniel kept going back to the zoos… so why not just let him be and let him experience the consequences of his own actions? Surely, Daniel could not expect of them to keep bailing him out. And thus, as Sander moved his hand through his luxurious, soft and long blonde hair, he mused casually:
“Mhm… but what if we would just …ignore him?”
Though none could see it, as this was a voice chat, a smirk was on his face, and it was partially audible in the smug tone of his voice.

A moment of silence followed, but not for long as Amber casually responded:
“…That would cause a pandamonium.” She remained quiet for a second, then eagerly added “See what I did there?”.

This whole situation was causing quite some irritation for Nathalie. Sometimes she wondered why she was friends with these people, but truthfully, normal people were boring anyway.
“Sander, you can’t just ignore friends. And Amber,” With a deep sigh Nathalie paused her sentence for a moment, then gave into the nonsense that had been thrown her way, “that would indeed cause a pandamonium. Yes.”.

“I guess.” Sander responded hesitantly. “Sorry Daniel. Now I feel bad about it. I mean… he is funny, sometimes.

However, Amber did not feel remorse at all. Now the initial shock and frustration had passed, Amber was very amused at this whole situation. She chuckled softly, and hummed: “We should help the poooooor boy.  After some popcorn. Hehehe.

Moments after she said so, the news articles got updated with a picture of Daniel, in his fluffy panda suit with handcuffs on and the saddest look on his face. The amount of black he had put around his eyes to resemble a panda had truly emphasized his sad look. That, along with his sad pout really gave him an emo panda look. This photo was enough to make Amber feel pity for Daniel.
“Okay, maybe we should save him.” Amber mumbled. A soft sigh came from her. That fake panda really had puppy eyes. “…just look at those eyes…”








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