1.4 Bombs Away~

1.4 Bombs Away~

May 20, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

Initially, the Discord chat had been meant for quite a different type of discussion, mainly how they could all three continue towards their shared goal without bothering each other. Though there were many in the race for world domination, there was absolutely no reason to fight each other in such early phases of their plans. After all, it would be a waste of time if none of their plans were good enough to achieve world domination. And thus it would be more beneficial for the friends to keep peace between themselves. Though all of them were convinced that their own plans would be best, and that their own tactics were simply superior, they were wise enough to make sure to maintain a good relationship. This meant that it was easier to keep an eye on each other, and if in some weird way a tactic other than their own would triumph, it was best to be on friendly basis with the new world ruler.

However, none of that was being discussed right now. As the three had decided to save Daniel, they now had to consider how they would save Daniel. This would be no easy task, or perhaps it would.

“Before we continue bailing him out, we have to consider the following: How do we keep him from rushing back into a zoo? This is his 63rd time already. Surely, this is the first time he was actually chasing the pandas to hug them, but what will keep him from making the 64th attempt?” Nathalie wondered. She was trying to keep the discussion quick and snappy, so she could continue with her own plans.

“Well, one solution would be death.” Sander declared contently.
“To Daniel, or to the pandas?” Nathalie wondered. She was not quite sure of Sander’s intentions.
“…I reckon both would work.” Sander contemplated casually. He didn’t truly intent on harming Daniel, but as a matter of fact, it was a working solution. Just not a solution that would be harmless.
“Pfff…” A deep sigh of disappointment came from Nathalie. She decided it wasn’t even worth giving a comment on Sander’s suggestion. It was out of the question. She was not going to aid in any plan that would harm Daniel. The poor boy just wanted to be a panda, weird perhaps, but not something he should suffer for.

“He he he” Amber cackled, seemingly uninterested in the conversation taking place as something else was amusing her. She moved her controllers up and down, letting her virtual reality hands rub against each other as she was already executing her plan whilst these two nitwits were arguing.

The cackling was a warning sign that Nathalie recognized all too well. Something was going on, and she’d best discover what it was as quick as she could, as Amber had a habit of being a bit too impulsive and eager with certain technology of hers. “Amber, what are you doing?” Nathalie inquired seriously.
In response, Amber cackled again.
This was not good, Nathalie knew it for sure. “…Are you… Please tell me you aren’t doing what I think you’re doing?” There was slight panic in Nathalie’s voice, as she feared Amber was using her laser-equipped drones to free Daniel.

“How would I know what you are thinking, miss ‘Xenotha’?~” Amber teased smirking. Meanwhile, her trigger happy drones were heading over to the building in which Daniel was locked up. The drones, ten of them, were all equipped with bombs. Amber was watching them zoom closer and closer to the building. She wondered how long it would take the others to realize what she was doing, and what they would do to try and stop them.

Merely moments later, the same news site that had Daniel’s story on it, updated with pictures of the bomb-carrying drones that moved closer to the building.

“Wait! Amber, are those bombs?!” Nathalie exclaimed shocked.
“…I could just hack into their systems, you know.” Sander stated unimpressed.
“But this is fuuuuuun!” Amber mused. She was already imagining the grand scale of damage of those bombs, and the beautiful sea of fire that would dance around the building. It would surely be a charming sight to behold.
“No. Stop it!” Nathalie demanded fiercely. Obviously, there was no space for discussion.
Hmmpfff. This is not fair” Amber shook her head. Reluctantly she stopped the drones and recalled them.
“We should get him out without making enemies of ourselves. It benefits our plans more. If you go about bombing seemingly random places, you will become an enemy of the state, and that will be an enormous obstacle for your plans.” Nathalie reasoned.
Amber did not respond, as she was sulking.

Meanwhile, Sander was casually working on resolving the situation.

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