1.5 Free the Panda!

1.5 Free the Panda!

May 21, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

One screen is not nearly enough. Two screens are better, but to be honest, it is still very disappointing. The perfect number of screens is seven. Two on top of each other on the left side, two on top of each other on the right side, a big one in the centre, with two smaller ones on top of it. It was a beautiful balance like this. More screens would cause too much clutter. This was why Sander had seven screens in his work office.

On the big screen, Sander had the system of the building in which Daniel was jailed. On the left screens, Sander had the news site in the bottom, and live footage from a surveillance camera of the building on the top. On the right hand screens, Sander had a browser with Youtube running in the bottom and the Discord channel, and in the top screen there was a live feed of Gibber’s current position. The two screens above the main screen were currently running diagnostics on his calculations, which were necessary for the enhancing of the cloning process.

On the screens Sander had noticed Amber’s actions as he was listening to the conversation between Amber and Nathalie, but he opted not to respond to them as he was fixing the situation. This was way faster than meddling in their silly argument anyway. Amber’s brute actions caused Sander to divert to a secondary plan, as his primary plan would take more time. After some moments, Sander brushed his silky hair back behind his ear as he casually told the two:
“It is done.”

This simple sentence caused a lot of worry for Nathalie, as she had only just convinced Amber not to bomb the place in which Daniel was being held captive, and now Sander had done something?? Surely, it was a lot easier that Amber had a habit of betraying the fact that she was plotting something, unlike Sander who would silently execute his plan before he’d muse about it.
“Just what exactly is done?” Nathalie asked hesitantly, fearing the worst.
“Our panda is free again.” Sander stated, as if they should already have figured out what he had meant.
“Wow! You already got him out?” Nathalie asked with audible confusion. So fast? How had he done that? There was no news (yet) of anything bad happening to the building.
“You gotta teach me how to hack that fast!” Amber declared. Though in general she was tech savvy enough to hack websites and such, Amber thought the process was generally too painstakingly slow, and it was way more fun to tinker on her drones.

The reaction the two gave him, caused Sander to snicker for a moment.
Haha. You dipshits really think I hacked their systems so fast? Within the two minutes that you two were arguing? I am not a movie hacker, thank you…” Sander huffed a bit insulted. A smirk was on his face as he continued: “Though, I must admit, your faith in me amuses me. Now, you may all wonder-”

“…there comes the dramatic monologue” Nathalie interjected.

“You all chose your own means to achieve world domination, which is possible of course. However, this event clearly demonstrates the ingenuity of me, mwha-ha-ha! Allow me to introduce you two to:” Sander paused and quickly pulled up an audio file, so he could play a short drum roll. After that, he copy-pasted some pictures into the Discord chat. “Cop Sander, Zoo Worker Sander, Pilot Sander, Judge Sander, Reporter Sander and-” A deep frown came onto Sander’s face. “…this one I shouldn’t have uploaded, but fine, enjoy the sight of defect Lego Destroyer Sander. He’s the living proof that not all can be perfect.”

A moment of silence followed. Sander was semi-expecting them to applaud his greatness and it was weird to hear the silence and what sounded like a face-palm.
“…I should have known.” Nathalie sighed first.
After that, Amber responded with audible disappointment:
“That’s like, the least fun tactic you could think of… why not even one explosion? One fun little fire or a shiny laser?”
“Explosions would upset the cats in the near vicinity. We wouldn’t want that, right Amber?” Sander sounded nearly threatening with the latter of his sentence, but it did not impress Amber.

While the three chitchatted on, Daniel was free again. That jailer had looked a lot like his friend Sander. It was kind of weird, from Daniel’s perspective, to see so many people looking like Sander. Daniel wasn’t sure what had caused him to be free again, so fast, but he was happy. He had come closer to his goal than ever before, but it had opened up his eyes. He had to improve his tactics to stay unnoticed. Even with his detailed panda suit he had been discovered. And though the pandas didn’t mind him until he came very close to them, it had told him that he needed to improve. Perhaps he needed to sneak in sneakier, or maybe the cameras were to blame.. Or perhaps he needed a mask instead of make-up. Daniel wasn’t quite sure what to do, but he realized that he’d better get some help to improve.

[End of Chapter 1]

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