2.0 Your Security, My Amusement

2.0 Your Security, My Amusement

May 22, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

A small hooded figure stood in front of a massive, silver-coloured round safe. Her dark blue ninja outfit obscured most of her features, but it could not hide the curly blonde locks popping out from underneath her hood. A happy smile was on her face as she observed the massive safe in front of her.
“So this is would be that unbreakable vault, mhm?” she wondered softly. Curiously she knocked onto the vault door. Though the safe seemed to have multiple lock mechanisms, it did not seem to impress her at all.
“Mhm… This will be twenty minutes at most. This will be fun!” she declared enthusiastically as she rubbed her hands over each other. Through her glasses she investigated the locks for a few minutes. It did not take her long to figure out how this mechanism worked. It also helped that AJ had found blue prints of the vault online, which had given her a gist of its workings. Next to that, her broad knowledge of vaults and such also helped her. This was certainly not her first rodeo, or break in.

It took the small figure about 19 minutes to open up the vault, revealing a room with walls of individual vaults and a well protected centre piece. Her glasses showed her the ultraviolet movement detection lasers that were set up through out the room. Once more she took a moment to take it all in and plot ahead. Her ever present confidence told her that this would be a piece of cake! She pushed some hair behind her ear as she took some steps back, then she began running towards the vault. Her sprint soon changed into a series of impressive gymnastics, such as cartwheels, front tucks and back walkovers. The movements smoothly flowed into each other, and in doing so, she managed to make her way over to the highly protected centre piece without triggering even a single motion camera.

“I’ve got to show this to AJ before returning it later… I’m sure he’d love to have a look at the world’s most advanced nano technology.” Michelle mused to herself. She was entirely convinced that she would leave this place without any problem. After all, this was Michelle’s job. While many thieves took things for their own gain, Michelle simply liked the thrill of the moment and the excitement of cracking those vaults. She always returned what she had taken, but only after her target had learned of the object’s disappearance. This was also why it was generally more of a blessing than a curse when Michelle had struck, for it taught them valuable lessons about their own security flaws.

As Michelle was inspecting the centre piece, she noticed that the centre piece was held within a glass structure, and it was clear to her that the stand, in which the small key stood, was measuring its weight at all times. But that was no problem. It was a tactic that had been applied many times previously. She took two round circles from her belt, which came loose with an audible ‘plop’. While holding one in each hand, she set the strong magnets on either side of the metal construction on which the glass box stood. The magnets immediately pulled and activated. It was putting the system in a temporary error. In this time, she quickly let the nails of her gloves extend, which were in fact diamond glass cutters. Casually she cut a circle in the glass, then reached out through the hole and got the key. Once she had the key, she got her phone from her back pocket and lay the key on top of it. It made a 3D scan of the object and its properties. Once it made a ‘bliep’ to indicate it was done, she moved the key from her phone over to the belly pocket of her ninja outfit and inserted into the pocket. Her phone created a 3D model of the key, and once it was done, she placed the fake key in the same position as the real one had been in. Carefully she placed the circle of glass back in its position. As a last step, she removed the magnets again, putting them back onto her belt. The system worked again, and as casually as Michelle had entered the vault with her elegant and highly trained moves, she made her way out of the vault again too.

With her treasure pocketed, Michelle took a nice detour home. As she was highly focused on showing the acquired treasure to AJ, she did not realize that Daniel had been trying to reach her for a while already. Whenever she was on these heists, she had all notifications turned off, and her phone was in a special non-trackable mode. She didn’t want to get caught due to silly reasons of course. Right now, her enthusiasm kept her from checking any notifications she might have missed.

Though it took only about an hour to get back home, it felt like an eternity to her. Once she had gotten home, she slammed the key onto the table.
“Check what I found!” Michelle exclaimed, with a giant grin upon her angelic face. It sounded as if she had just found it laying around somewhere as she had gone on just a casual stroll through a park.
The sound of Michelle’s enthusiasm startled AJ, who was seated behind a high-tech computer. Though Michelle was highly skilled in her heist abilities, AJ was one of the reasons that she had not been caught in action yet. And he was also the reason that the media never portrayed her in a negative way. The two were a great team in their shared enterprises. And these moments, when Michelle brought back high-tech, he absolutely loved. He instantly recognized that what she had brought him was very important for technological advancements, and it brought a curious gleam in his eyes as he removed his hand from his mouse and over to the key. He wasn’t sure yet what it was, but he was ‘dying’ to find out.
“Maybe you should be more careful with it” AJ mentioned carefully, as he worried about the beautiful technology.
“It’s fine! I accidentally dropped it on my way back too…” Michelle admitted. “But look!” Michelle continued.
“…wait” AJ mumbled as something was dawning on him.
“This was in their ‘unbreakable’ vault. I guess they were sort of right though. I mean, their vault still works. I didn’t break it, but I did open it while they didn’t mean for me to open it…” Michelle considered.
Is that…?” AJ tilted his head, taking hold of the key and having a closer look. “It is!” he exclaimed, totally not hearing anything Michelle said any more. “Such advanced nano technology! I could build a real iron man suit with that… and then give it a more ‘suitable’ name… mhm…” AJ was already lost to his thoughts, plotting all sorts of ways he could use this technology. Michelle smiled happily at the enthusiasm that came from AJ. She loved seeing him so excited over what she had brought back. It made these heists so much more enjoyable.
However, as both of them were distracted, they did not realize that Daniel was at the door.

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