2.1 Wiped-Out

2.1 Wiped-Out

July 23, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

“Diiiiiiing Dooooooooong”

Daniel stared up at the door. Perhaps Michelle wasn’t at home. Daniel pressed the bell for a third time, hoping that perhaps he was merely being unnoticed due to a videog ame or movie that was played. Daniel placed his hand against the door in disappointment, doubting if he should try and call Michelle on her phone, or perhaps walk around and see if he could sneak into the garden to see if she was there. Either way, this idea was already failing, which disappointed Daniel heavily. For a moment, he was so lost in thoughts that he did not realize that a green light had come from the door itself and scanned his hand. And so, it was an utter surprise when sudden a click sound was heard, and the ground underneath him disappeared.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Daniel yelled in an uncanny high voice. As Daniel twirled down, he realized he was on a twisting slide that seemed to have no end.
“WHAT THE FUCK MICHELLE” Daniel exclaimed, when suddenly darkness was ahead of him and he landed into an unknown mass with a PLOP sound.

Luckily for Daniel, it was only a large pit full of balls. Daniel had sunk pretty deep into it, and it was quite a struggle to swim through the mass of balls. Luckily, he saw some light peaking through the balls, which lead him to follow the path towards the light. The light also revealed that these balls were of varying size and colour. The whole thing would have been quite funny, if he hadn’t been so surprised. With a careful motion Daniel reached for the glass door and pressed down its handle, causing the door to open under the weight of the balls and Daniel to come rolling out on a wave of plastic balls.

“What the actual fuck, Michelle??? Seriously, how could THIS be underneath her house?!” Daniel wondered to himself, shaking his head. Daniel moved his hand through his hair, causing several small balls to fall out of his zipper hoodie as he did so.
Daniel looked around, wondering where the door or staircases were, but instead of those, he saw what seemed to be a proper Wipe-out course. Starting with a pool in which several toadstools stood of different height, Daniel had to choose whether to swim across or take his chances with the toadstools. Neither choice seemed great, but standing around here wouldn’t do him any good either. And so Daniel whispered “I should get going..” and with a heavy sigh, he tried to estimate the jump. Taking some careful steps back,-trying not to stand onto those plastic balls,- Daniel made a run for it and jumped over to the nearest toadstool as if his life depended on it.

“OEMPH” was heard, as Daniel hit his stomach onto the edge of the toadstool, with a high pitched screeching noise following as his fingers could not get a grip onto the toadstool and he was slowly sinking into the water. In a moment of pure self-pity, he recited:
“I tried so hard and got so far… but in the end, it doesn’t even matter…”
Daniel fell into the water, now soaking himself completely. “This is not my thing…” Daniel shook his head, looking up at the toadstool. “None of the panda courses taught me how to climb this.” Daniel sighed.

Looking ahead, Daniel could see the water reached pretty far, as there was a full course ahead. Daniel turned around, mumbling “Fuck this” as he swam back to the shore and pulled himself up on the ledge.
“Phfeeww…” he sighed, resting on the ledge for a moment. Adrenaline was still pumping through his body. He stared at the ground for a bit, wondering how he was going to get out of there. He didn’t think he could make it through the parkour. And looking back up, the slide was way too tall and… well.. slidey, to be climbing up on that. Daniel’s gaze slowly turned.

“Wait a minute…” Daniel mumbled. He got himself up on his feet and stared at the door, not even a meter away from the door he had came through. There seemed to be a proper door, to the left of the other door. It had a small screen and a button next to it. Hesitating Daniel walked over to it and pressed the button. The dark screen turned on and it said ‘Please wait a moment’, while a Ding-Dong sequence played in the background. And then the door clicked open, revealing a staircase, as the screen suddenly showed Michelle.
“Hey Daniel! Welcome! Come on in!” Michelle chimed cheerfully, as if nothing was wrong.
Reluctantly Daniel looked up at the staircase, and moved along, wishing to himself:
“I hope she has towels.. Unlike pandas, I don’t have nice warm fluff around me to protect me from the horrors of nature… or mankind.”

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