2.2 Drip-Drop

2.2 Drip-Drop

September 11, 2020 Daniel's Polar Adventures 0

With sounds resembling ‘squish’ and ‘squash’ Daniel moved through the door, leaving behind a trail of water. The slight breeze was chilling him to the bone, and he could hardly wait to have a nice and comfortable big towel around him. Stupid water. Stupid trap. Why did she even have this whole elaborate thing underneath her house? If his visit had been ill-timed, she could also just have told him. He wouldn’t have been mad at all. But no, she had to make him go through this.

In full self-pity mode Daniel moved through the hallway, where a happily bouncing blonde came his way.
“Danieeeelll!!! Welcome!” she cheered happily. “Come on in! Wasn’t the wipe-out FUN?!” she asked, with a big smile on her face. “A lovely challenge, isn’t it?”
Daniel shot Michelle an agitated glance, as for a moment he mistook her genuine enthusiasm for teasing. “Hmppf. Were you trying to kill me?” Daniel grumbled, as he rang out his jacket.
“…Are you okay?” Michelle carefully offered a towel in Daniel’s way, which the other eagerly accepted and swung around himself.
“Does it look like I’m okay??” Daniel began dramatically, “I am WETTER than a-”
Before Daniel could finish his sentence, AJ interjected: “OTTER
Daniel rolled his eyes and grumbled. He walked past Michelle, onwards into their actual house.

Michelle chuckled softly, and moved over to the living room, in which AJ was still sat at a computer screen. “Anyway, welcome!” Michelle hummed.
With a mischievous gleam in his eyes, AJ observed Daniel, stating: “Yes, you’re otterly welcome here~” Obviously, AJ was pretty amused at how wet Daniel was. Michelle had previously convinced AJ to try out the wipe-out course, but he too hadn’t had the greatest of results. However, Daniel didn’t need to know that. In fact, it was better he didn’t know.

With the towel tightly wrapped around himself, Daniel took place on a chair. “Michelle. Seriously. Why do you have that thing underneath your house?” Daniel asked on a more concerned tone.
Michelle chuckled softly. She placed her cape over her own chair, then began making some hot beverages. “It’s fun, as I said, and it’s really good training.” Michelle hummed, shooting a smile at her visitor. “But it’s nice of you to visit us, Daniel. Are you just visiting, or is there a special occasion for this?”
“…well…” Daniel glanced away, hesitating. He was unsure of how to word this without looking like a fool.
“He probably got himself in trouble again for sneaking in with the pandas.” AJ considered, having seen the newsflash.
“Oi!” Daniel shook his head. “I only got in trouble because I got caught, not because I was with the pandas. The pandas didn’t mind me at all. I swear. We were just in perfect harmony. So… I kinda need your help, Michelle. I need to become a ninja, like you.”
“A ninja?” Michelle repeated. She wouldn’t really refer to herself as a ninja.
“Yes, with your poofy-disappearances and your sneaky ways. I need to know how you do it. How do you blend in like that? I know you’re not tall, but you’re still tall enough to be noticed, so it can’t be your height…” Daniel considered, eyeing Michelle up and down. Her frame might help her, but still, she had very lively and bouncy blonde hair, that was sure to be noticed. So how did she camouflage herself so successfully?
“Will you help me?” Daniel pleaded, putting up his best puppy eyes.
“But of course.” Michelle answered, without hesitation. She wasn’t sure how she could help him, but she would not refuse to help a friend in need of help.
AJ smirked, already sensing that this would lead to a lot of amusement for him.

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