Though these questions haven’t been frequently asked yet, assuming that some of them might become interesting over time, this is a topic for them. I’m not really sure what would be frequently asked questions, so I’ll update this over time when it becomes more relevant.


Are all things on here your own?

Yes! All artworks are made by me, and all stories originated from me. Either I dreamed about them, or it was a shower thought or something random that came to me. Sometimes when I create story ideas for RPGs, I discover that they don’t really fit the writing style of RPGs because they require too much control from my side, or they’re too much ‘my’ idea in ‘my world’, meaning that they would be tough for others to join in on. And so these ideas land here.


How often do you post?

I aim to put up a new post every Monday and Friday, with occasionally extra posts dropped. 🙂